Bible Correspondence Course

Thank you for reading about our free Bible Correspondence Course. Heres how it works. Its designed for you to do at home at your own pace and convenience. At your request Ill be delighted to send you Lesson One and Two via snail mail. We hope you will enjoy reading the lesson and answering the questions only if you so desire.

After completing the lessons simply return the last page in the pre-addressed envelope, then we will immediately send you the next lesson. If you choose not to answer the questions, but would like the next lesson just return the Question pages unanswered and we will still send you the lessons in order. You may want to just read and think about each lesson before you ever start answering the questions. Please write your name, address, zip code, etc. at the bottom of the page so we can be certain that we have the correct spelling. If you have any questions concerning the lesson then write them down and send them with the question pages. There are eight lessons in the series and we are going to list them for your now so you can see the importance of continuing steadfastly in your study with us:

1. The Old Testament

2. The New Testament

3. Rightly Dividing the Word

4. Faith And Works

5. Becoming A Christian

6. Acceptable Worship

7. The New Testament Church

8. You Can Be Just A Christian


Should you have difficulty with Lesson One don't become discouraged for the purpose of these lessons is that you begin to acquaint yourself with the Word of God. You will find Lesson Two much easier, for it is about the New Testament. And then, going on from there, you will learn how the Old Testament ended at the Cross, and how the New Testament (the Gospel of Christ) is the law of God that mankind is under today. Send me an email: . Well gladly get this started.

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