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Listing of Articles

Why aren't Christians Speaking Out?

   A reply to an article written by Cynthia Ozick:  "Why Aren't Christians Speaking Out?"  W.S.J. October 30, 2000Cynthia Ozick’s compulsion that Christians speak out for the Jews (“Why Aren’t Christians Speaking Out?” Oct. 30th, 2000) on behalf of the history and central claims of Christianity displayed her ignorance of what Christianity truly is. I will agree that it would be absurd for any Palestinian or other wise to claim there never was a Temple. However, should some try to make the historicity of the Temple a “chimera” as she states then I believe that Christianity will still stand. As a Christian I do not see, as she does, “the heart of Christianity” suffering erasure here; the Bible with its New Testament is here to stay.  

Questions on Witchcraft

   Answers to questions concerning witchcraft.

What Some "Only" See

   The relationship between husbands and wives as it ought to be.

The Positive Mental Attitude  “Philosophy”

   What is wrong with the positive mental attitude style of preaching.

Baptism ~ God, You, and Brethren

   This article answers simple questions people have about baptism. It discusses who should be baptized and whether one who has “seemingly” been baptized should consider scriptural baptism. It also includes ones being subject to church discipline based upon baptism into Christ.

Are there Prophets today?  

  This defines "the last days" and explains why there are no prophets today. Moreover there is an abundance of material on the spiritual gifts given through the apostles in this article.

He who receives you receives Me

   The foremost lesson in this article is the authority Christ vested in His Apostles. But the article also gives emphasis to the matters of both "giving" and "receiving." 

Individually Supported Societies on the Side Line

   This article shows how apostasy repeats itself. We now have some who are building human societies as ministries to be supported by individual contributions.

Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations…

   Explaining how one truly becomes a "disciple" of Christ by being baptized for the remission of one's sins according to the commission given the apostles.

You saw it so deal with it!

   You can read about the "immediate" approach of our Lord in correcting others. This is followed with scriptures depicting the responsibility all members have to do the same.

A Study of Sin Confessed

   This article addresses the responsibility that Christians have to confess the sins they commit in order that they might be forgiven. It explores various reasons and motives that lay behind one's willingness to confess their wrongdoing. 

After Baptism, Then What?

   The material offers appropriate encouragement and warnings for those recently baptized for the remission of their sins.

 A Study Of The Antichrists

   Here is a study that corrects false views that many today have of what the Bible teaches about the Antichrists.

Reply to a response on "Questions on Witchcraft"

   A respondent has present the idea that there was another race (the  "other people") upon earth who did not have Adam and Eve for their genealogy. She  says they are first mentioned in Gen. 4:16. The reply shows how her claim doesn't fit with the scriptures in the Bible.

  Selected Newspaper Articles

   Selected newspaper articles: "Disclaimers for Fortunetellers," "Mothers of a Different Kind," "Alternative Lifestyles," "Fornication Kit."

The Mark Of The Beast, Number 666, Rev. 13:16-17

   A respondent has stated that people are going around preaching 666 about everything. He states that people are even looking for the "mark" on the foreheads of others and requests that something be said about this. The material puts the "mark" in the context (historical setting) where it belongs!

9-11-2001 ~ Things I Can Count On Today

   America (New York) was attacked by terrorists on this date. This is a “time” when people thrive upon inappropriate statements, and misleading applications of God’s Word. Illustrations of such would be,  Nostradamas said…,” “Armageddon has come,“ “the Mark of the Beast.“ And important part of this study shows when men have questions as to "Why?" or "What is the future?" that Christians have a limited number of precious things that they can depend upon. These few but precious things are where a christian's life really is any day, and any place that they might be.

Messianic Jewish churches

   A critique of one of the newer movements (denominations) today. These are Jews who profess belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah. Their worship appears to be a combination of Old and New Testament items. They look for a return of Christ, whom they do believe is the Messiah, back to the earth in order to reign from Jerusalem.

Things in Christ not found in Islam

   One simple but effective way of explaining the difference between a major “world” religion and the gospel of Christ (the New Testament, Matt. 26:28) is to show the things found “in Christ” that are not found elsewhere.  The following are things found in Jesus Christ that are not found in Islam.

A Case Study of Mourning Sin

   This article explains in detail what it truly means to mourn the sins we see others commit. For example, the first point given emphasis is we mourn the sins of others when we are justifiably angry at sin, Ex. 32:18-21. Several applicable points are presented.

Replacing the Truth with Christmas Tradition

   The vast majority of people think that mere human tradition is the truth today. This article exposes the religious errors (and there are many) that the majority of people practice during the Christmas holiday. You do not have to remain among them!

A Study of the Miracles of the New Testament ~ Part One

   An inquirer asks: Does God still do miracles today through men of God and apostles? Such questions stem from, I’m convinced, people’s awareness that the so-called “miracles” performed by faith healers today are obviously the works of frauds. They can see that their so-called miracles are not of the same nature as those recorded in the New Testament. The request asks if the New Testament miracles performed by men came to an end?  

A Study of the  Miracles of the New Testament ~ Part Two

   For further study I have listed miracles you find recorded in the book of Acts. There are several of these and I ask you to consider carefully their “nature” in contrast to the false miraculous works of so-called faith healers today.

Abominations are not Funny! (A serious look at Worship offered to God.)

   Have you seen these frivolous church advertisements that mention "hypocrites" with somewhat of an amusing tone? They will even state that they only have a few so feel free to come and worship with them. In contrast the Bible teaches the worship a hypocrite offers is an abomination to God. But such hypocrites actually think, "God is glad to see me here!" And have you ever thought of how "others" such as the preacher and members themselves might contribute to this polluting of worship? Also, what condition is a church in that tolerates even one hypocrite as a member?

A Request: Pray For Me!

   This article deals with Christians who request prayer on their behalf. While such a request is not without scriptural foundation (James 5:14-16), some important additional truths related directly to the Christian who makes this request are dealt with. It also presents the need for repentance and confession of one's sin as well as an appropriate rebuke at times  (I Pet. 3:12, Acts 8:22-24, James 4:4, I John 1:9).


A Consideration


I Cor. 14:34-35




   Women's conduct in both learning and teaching. The role of women in the church is of such a nature that they are to learn in quietness with all submission. They must not teach, nor usurp authority over the man, but be in quietness ( I Tim. 2:11-12).The necessity of this role prompted the following statement to the church at Corinth: 


   "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. [35] And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."  I Cor. 14:34-35






Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson One:

The Establishment of the Church of Christ

   This is Lesson One of eight lessons in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson One: "The Establishment of the Church of Christ." In this lesson you will learn about the church:

1. As planned by God in eternity before the world began.

2. As foretold through Old Testament prophesies.

3. From Christ's own teaching during His ministry before His ascension into heaven.

4. As established on the day of Pentecost recorded in Acts 2.

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.



Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Two:

The Head And Authority of the Church

   This is Lesson Two in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Two: "The Head And Authority of the Church." In this lesson you will learn about the church:

1. With Jesus Christ as the one and only Head.

2. With the responsibility to hold to, uphold, and proclaim the New Testament as the word of Christ, the authority that Christ gave to the church. The church is not the authority. The revealed word is the authority Christ gave for the church to uphold and proclaim.

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.




Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."

Lesson Three:

Membership Requirements According to the First Century Revelation

   This lesson is Lesson Three in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Three: "Membership Requirements According to the First Century Revelation." In this lesson you will learn about what one must do to be saved and become a member of Christ's church. The question, "What must I do to be saved?" is fully answered as you study through the accounts of conversion recorded in Acts.   

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.



Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."

Lesson Four, Part One:

God's Divine Organization ~ The Local Church, Part One of Two

   This is Lesson Four (Part One of Two) in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Four, Part One: "God's Divine Organization ~ The Local Church, Part One of Two." In this lesson you will be studying the local church as the organization that God gave for the collective work of Christians in evangelism, edification, worship and benevolence to needy saints. You will take an in depth look at the organization of the local church according to God's pattern in the New Testament. You should note quite a difference between the church in the New Testament and what people generally do in churches today. 

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.



Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."

Lesson Four, Part Two:

God's Divine Organization ~ The Local Church, Part Two of Two

   This is Lesson Four (Part Two of Two) in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Four, Part Two: "God's Divine Organization ~ The Local Church, Part Two of Two." In this lesson you will be studying the local church as the organization that God gave for the collective work of Christians in evangelism, edification, worship and benevolence to needy saints. You will take an in depth look at the organization of the local church according to God's pattern in the New Testament.

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.



Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."

Lesson Five:

The Worship of the Church.

   This is Lesson Five in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Five: "The Worship of the Church." In this lesson you will be studying the items of worship for the church:

   1. The Lord's Supper upon the first day of the week.

   2. Instruction in God's word.

   3. Singing.

   4. Prayer.

   5. Giving.

   By studying these items of worship you can learn what   "edification" means and how it was practiced in the assemblies of the first century church.  

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.




Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."

Lesson Six:

Local Church Autonomy

   This is Lesson Six in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Six: "Local Church Autonomy." Scriptures emphasizing local church autonomy or independence are presented along with the needed applications for the present day.

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.



Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."

Lesson Seven:

The Local Church And Benevolence

   This is Lesson Seven in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Seven: "The Local Church And Benevolence." This lesson presents the patterns for the local church in the work of Benevolence. It shows how the autonomy of the local church is maintained along with needed applications for the present day.

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.



Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church."


Lesson Eight:

The Local Church And Evangelism

   Lesson Eight is the final lesson in our Series: "Fundamental Lessons on the Church." Lesson Eight: "The Local Church And Evangelism." This lesson presents the patterns for the local church in the work of supporting evangelists. It shows how the autonomy of the local church is maintained along with needed applications for the present day.

   Note: Each lesson in the series has been designed with a Q&A for an On-Line Correspondence Study on the Church should you desire.

The Catholic rule of faith is not the New Testament

   This article discusses the "additions" of Catholicism along with its frank admission that the New Testament scriptures are not its sole authority. These "additions," the Catholic hierarchy claims have equal authority to the sacred Scriptures. It is through these "additions" that the hierarchy of the Catholic church maintains and exercises its control over its people. At the end of the article Christ's scriptural qualifications for a bishop or elder in His church is contrasted with a so-called Bishop in Catholicism.

The Good Person

   In this article you can learn what God says concerning good people and their need for salvation. Many people today believe that being "good" is good enough. Appropriate scriptures are applied to refute this belief. These will show that all men are accountable before God and must obey the Gospel to gain eternal life in Christ the Lord.

Holy Spirit Baptism

   The following study resulted from a respondent who asked for scriptural answers for one with whom he was studying. The respondent stated that this person now believes in faith only, no baptism. Moreover they believe that water baptism was of the Old Testament and now it is Holy Spirit baptism without water. The core of this particular study is Peter's preaching to Cornelius and his household upon whom the Holy Spirit fell, and how they were saved by the words Peter spoke. In addition it examines  the conversion of the Samaritans by Philip, and how they received the Holy Spirit through the laying on of the apostle's hands.

Turmoil in the Middle East ~ Assumptions Answered

   This article addresses the following assumptions or postulations that have been made in discussing the Middle East crises:

1. A person claiming not to be religious states that mankind is just like the dinosaurs and will end up destroying itself.

2. Some claim that the bible teaches Christians ought to support Israel "militarily."

3. "I know that God has not broken His covenant with the Jewish people."

Commending Myself to Others

   This article deals with a point often overlooked when teaching on the conscience. “Conscience” here is the other person’s perception! Rather than having approval in my own conscience concerning myself, here the approval is in others’ consciences. It’s like saying, “How do you feel about me now?” Why not consider studying this applicable lesson for Christians?

A Description of the Wicked

   This is a good article to present to the teenager at home or elsewhere. The article is written as a way of warning the young and others as well who are simple minded and do not see danger. The vicious conduct of the wicked is well illustrated in Judges 19 with regard to the Levite and his concubine who turned in to Gibeah to lodge for the night. Applications to “today” include the fact that in some cases the “victim” must understand that a tragedy could have been avoided had they themselves not contributed by being out late at night in a place that makes them vulnerable.     

Hating Homosexuality

   This article from 1999 relates to the meeting between Jerry Falwell and the so called gay Christians. The press presented them as "gay Christians" meaning that they were practicing homosexuals and lesbians. When such present themselves as in good standing with God, then the contradictions from a religious point of view must be exposed! Many young people are taking acceptance, tolerance and diversity instruction to mean that there is nothing wrong "morally" with being gay. Tell your children that being taught "tolerance" does not make sinful acts right. It changes nothing!

"What went you out…to see?"

   This is a lesson on dress. The study first looks at Jesus' teaching concerning "anxiety" and dress (Matt. 6, the Sermon on the Mount). Following this, application is drawn from the  use of "clothing" as a metaphor in warning against false religious teachers (Matt. 7:15).  A very important lesson is drawn from His teaching concerning the hypocritical Jewish leaders who were skilled in identifying their "own" holy signs of dress, yet so unskilled in listening to God's word and identifying "proper" conduct. What it means to present one's self as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God (Rom. 12:1-2) is viewed in the light of proper dress and conduct that shows respect for oneself, for others, and manifests one's self control (I Tim. 2:8-9). 

The Beginning Point Leading To Salvation

   This article should help anyone today who has come to realize that the variety of explanations offered due to diverse human philosophies and beliefs today have left many frustrated concerning the important matter of salvation. Three such beliefs, the Pentecostal experience, adults baptizing infants, and professing belief without required obedience are examined in the light of God's word and found wanting! If you will take your Bible and read each scripture in this brief study it will enable you to be honest with yourself (see Acts 17:11) about your own salvation. Moreover, it will help prevent the all too common occurrence of many misleading others by that with which they were lead astray themselves.           

One Nation Under God

This article begins with an example of patronage to our flag and pledge of allegiance, but respectfully submits that the mention of God brings with it an even greater lesson concerning "Allegiance." For Christians the words "under God" are illustrative of God's rule over all the nations of mankind (Ps. 2:7-12; Matt. 28:18-20; I Tim. 6:15; Rev. 2:27). Moreover the earth, the world, and all who dwell therein ~ all souls are His (Ps. 24:1; Ezk. 18:4; Haggai 2:8). Through simple deduction and reduction one soon comes to understand on a Personal Individual basis that they do indeed belong to God, for He created man (Gen. 1:27). Applying the principle of God's ownership on an individual personal level means that we respond to the fact that His ownership demands our personal loyalty and obedience to His commands. Sadly, herein is where Americans are failing today!

What Does A Return Truly Mean?  

          This article uses an important part of Old Testament history to illustrate the conviction and love for the Truth that enables one to put themselves in the proper setting where they have access to scriptural fellowship and collective worship with brethren (2 Chron. 11-13). We are concerned today about those whom we often hear about who have left the faith, and needing to be restored simply are not connecting a love for the Truth and "relocation" as an effective means of putting oneself where they know that they can serve God faithfully. Out of our concern and effort to save some who have fallen away we have "cross-referenced" and linked an important article at the end of this article titled "Restoration Viewpoints."



Restoration Viewpoints

  Should you find yourself, dear reader, in the category of one who has fallen away from the faith once delivered (Jude 3), we would encourage you to read the following article based primarily upon Luke 15 (the Prodigal Son). The article is titled “Restoration Viewpoints” and it takes a detailed look at some of the viewpoints presented in the Scriptures that are helpful in restoring one to the faith. It is presented concerned reader with a singular point in mind, that being your own restoration and eternal salvation. The points presented from the scriptures should help anyone who needs to look back to the time they were faithful, look at the extent and duration of their unfaithfulness, and look at the certainty of their acceptance once again having repented and confessed their unfaithfulness to God.  

Two letters written to our local newspaper editor concerning the immorality of homosexuality

This post contains two letters written to our local newspaper editor concerning the sin of homosexuality. The first article, "Legislator's Chaplain" deals with an effort made to provide our State Legislators of all things with a gay chaplain for counseling on morality! Laugh if you dare not cry. The second deals with the methods used by gays in the Anglican church.




Human Life And Cloning

This article contains a simplified explanation of what human cloning might consist of for the benefit of all. It explains in simple terms the W's altered (enucleated) seed in the absence of the physical act of intimacy. All 46 chromosomes come from the H and none from the wife. The fertilized egg's equivalent is planted in the W's womb and allowed to develop into a full fledge baby after nine months. Additionally there are Scriptures from the Bible concerning Human Life and the Spirit of man. And this along with some Questions for one's own meditation.


Not looking for "the Church"

 Are you looking for "the church" you read about in the New Testament? Many who say they are religious are most often not looking for the church of Christ. How about reading this simple presentation that helps to put one's perspective of "the church" where it should be? Notice carefully the continuum as the scriptures present the death of Christ (Matt. 26:28), the establishment of “the church” as His purchased possession (Matt. 16:18), the forgiveness of sins enjoyed by members of the church, being Christians (Lk. 24:46-47; Acts 2:38, 41), and the inheritance the church is promised that awaits the faithful and is yet in the future (Eph. 1:14; I Pet. 1:3-4). 


Bible Endings For Torn Relationships

Five important Bible relationships are presented while giving emphasis to the importance of entreaty and reconciliation. The goals for entreating: 1. To be of the same mind, Phil. 2:2; 2. To be at peace, I Th. 5:13; 3. To understand the outcome of dissension. It strengthens the enemy of the gospel; the weak when pulled in to dissensions are caused to stumble; 4. To repent and return to the work, Rev. 3:19-20; 5. To use with older men, I Tim. 5:1; 6. To implement with God's wisdom which is easy to be entreated, Ja. 3:17-18. Thus one is to be both approachable and easily persuaded to do that which is right.       


A Case Of Compromise

The primary part of this study concerns Jehoshaphat (the king of Judah) and his compromise with wicked Ahab the king of Israel (the northern kingdom). It compares Ahab's religion with the description of  Jehoshaphat who did not let the Levitical service and the Temple deteriorate, but was diligent in having the law of God taught in Judah (2 Ch. 17:6-9). There are eleven questions on compromise for one to consider as they read 2 Ch. 18-19. This simple lesson shows why people compromise the Truth along with the attendant consequences for doing such.     


The Conduct God Expects From Our Members

Read this article and it should help you to better understand the "unity of the Spirit" in the bond of peace and love (Eph. 4:1-3; Col. 3:12-14). These 7 Virtues are discussed as being necessary for each member of the local church: Lowliness (Humility), Meekness (Gentleness), Longsuffering (Patience), Forebearing (Showing Tolerance), Tender Mercies (Heart of Compassion), Kindness and Forgiving one another. Understanding these in this context answers such important questions as: Whom can I talk to?, When do I go to another?, Can I speak publicly in rebuking to thus maintain this unity?, What would a refusal to listen indicate? And, What happens to one who does not forgive if one repents?



What You Can And Will Do In Christ


This brief study should offer assurance to Christians that their efforts to serve God faithfully are attainable, as well as being greatly aided by others' prayers on their behalf. Such is declared through the words of Paul's prayer for the church at Colossae in Col. 1:9-12. Here are the key thoughts: A. Be filled with knowledge, all wisdom and spiritual understanding. B. Walk worthy, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. C. Strengthened for attaining all steadfastness and patience, with Joy. D. Joyously giving thanks to the Father. Following is a "Check Your Spiritual Growth With Self-Test Questions" giving further emphasis to our growth and development into mature children of God. The stated "goal" of  our efforts is seen in Philippians 1:10-11.     


Baptism As Taught From The Bible

In this article an example of baptism in the first century is set in contrast with teaching from the Catholic Encylopedia, "Baptism, Sacrament of." The explanation that the Catholic Encyclopedia gives simply does not equate with what the New Testament teaches about baptism being an immersion. The mode of baptism taught in the New Testament is immersion and not "pouring." Neither does the New Testament teach a blessing of the water before baptism! Above all the New Testament does not teach Infant Baptism.       


What One Neglects In Not Placing Membership

Many are seeing and discussing a pattern manifested by members of the church in their choice to not place  their membership with a local church of Christ where they reside. Reading this article will give you a practical understanding of those who choose to do so thus exempting their selves from collective responsibility. The article also considers the affect their actions have upon others and especially family, both immediate and distant.        

The Degraded State of the Anglican Church

Read the verses in this article about bishops or elders in Christ's church and then consider the various council meetings, emergency meeting, etc., along with the human credentials and advanced technology used to present to the world their stress of trying to decide if homosexuality is sin that cannot be tolerated by their church. Please now, try not to laugh out loud. Why cannot they simply read the Bible?


A Safe Deposit For My Treasures

Do you really want to go to Heaven? This article contrasts the physical setbacks besetting those who suffered during the fires of 2003 with the eternal setbacks of not heeding Jesus instruction in Matt. 6:19-20. Why not refresh your mind by reading about Heaven as a safe deposit for your treasures? Morever you can read and understand that Heaven is a place where there will be no more death, sorrow, crying, pain, curse or night - just eternal day  (Rev. 21:1-4, 21:25-22:5).  



Scriptures Governing Our Collective Worship

You may never have heard about "spontaneous singing" as practiced in some churches. It could be that you've have observed one singing so loudly they drowned out the song leader and wondered if there were scriptures that might be used to correct such. Perhaps you would be interested in the scriptures that authorize a song leader and a church doing things decently and in order during worship. If so, then you'd be interested in this brief study. 



You say correctly, "It's not a marriage."

When one refers to another as their "domestic partner" they've essentially said the same thing about themselves, and their partner, as one who brags about their "significant other." But both designations actually refer to live in relationships that are not marriage. Why not read this article and learn more about marriage as God ordained it ?


What does the New Testament teach on divorce?

Anytime that one desires to study the matter of scriptural divorce they should consider the applicable passages from the New Testament. My advice to anyone is that they read these verses first, and do so without getting into philosophical discussions that do not take these scriptures to heart. God's word is truth (John 8:32; 17:17). I've listed them here for that very purpose, so why not just take time to read them and read them from your Bible as well? I caution ~ avoid emotional arguments based upon "I feel like it should be this way," or "I think in my heart that such and such will be allowed or overlooked by God" (Pr. 14:12; Lk. 6:46).



A Jewish Claim Refuted

It is sometimes argued that the Bible's holding Jews responsible for the crucifixion of Christ might foster feelings of hatred towards the Jewish people in general. When one considers all of the circumstances connected with the death of Jesus who is called Christ (Messiah is translated Christ in the scriptures), still there is just no place for such a hatred. The reason being that Christians accept Peter's recorded statement that "God exhalted Jesus to His right hand to be Prince and Savior, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins." How can any true Christian hate anyone since they believe man's only hope of salvation is connected with the sacrifice of the Messiah, whose blood was shed for the remission of sins? The two (hating any race and desiring any man's salvation) just don't go together. Why not read this study and learn more about man's part in the crucifixion of Christ?


The Local Church

 The full title of this article is, "Why the difficulty in getting people to see God gave the local church?" It is certainly a difficult task to get people who are enthralled with "their" organization (human), to understand that human societies built by men to do the work that God gave the local church to do are a depreciation of the divine organization God gave. Such is the focus of this article.


Why I Left The Lutheran Church

Katy Jones wrote this worthwhile and beneficial article explaining how her world was turned up side down upon hearing the pure gospel of Christ. We publicize her article with the hopes that it might benefit others who may be coming to the realization that denominationalism is not found in the New Testament. Should you find yourself in a similar situation as she found herself in, then you too can find the truth if you seek for it (John 8:32).  Don't delay your search for the truth!


Light Beer Is Not So Light!

Perhaps you've wondered what the alcohol content is in light beer. In this brief article you will find an answer to that important question. Dear reader do not believe every thing that you hear concerning light beer. And especially comments to this effect, "What's the big deal after all it is only light beer?" Why not read this article and give careful consideration to the scriptural warnings about the deceitfulness of alcohol, and its attendant state of drunkenness and addiction?


Such As The Father Seeks To Worship Him

The following article was written with a view to a better understanding of acceptable worship, and imploring “all” who are members to help out and join together in a concerted effort to repel the present attack upon worship today. Read the article and then, if you are a Christian, step forward, speak up, give counsel and do not put the sole burden of having to deal with unseemly conduct during worship solely upon those who stand before all and lead!


Principles For Helping One Another

This study presents the duty of Christians helping one another. Perhaps you need to read up on some of the improper motives for helping another. You can find some listed here!  Also, you can learn more, perhaps, concerning the improper attitudes that individuals manifest towards those who do fulfill their duty to help others.


Be Successful Where You Are

Too often, I’m afraid, small churches are lacking in the duty of “liberality” (I Cor. 16:1-3). Question: How is your liberality doing concerning the local church you are a member of? Why not take time to read some of the important reminders for us to be good at imparting?


A Study On Mercy

A fourfold distinction is presented concerning God’s great mercy:  (1) The General Mercy of God to his creation and creatures; (2) We are saved by God’s Mercy; (3) There Is A Mercy for those who have been saved;  (4) Mercy as practiced by the saved. Notice carefully that the general mercies God bestows upon the wicked are of a temporal nature only; they are confined strictly to their life here on earth. There will be no mercy extended to them beyond the grave! In spite of the clear scriptural warnings given in this article the wicked say, “I do not believe that God will ever cast me into hell.” They are wrong!


Worship ~ A Spectator Sport!

Peter began his sermon on Pentecost by telling some of his audience that their supposition was wrong (cf. Acts 2:14-15).  Why do so many seem to think that something funny has to be said at the beginning of a sermon? Why is there such a dependence today upon cute stories to make everyone feel good? I have read recent newspaper articles where allowing church members to sip coffee and eat pastries, or watch a video, is thought to be a cool, hip, way to worship. Such things are spiritually hollow! Religious counterfeits have seduced people into accepting the social as the spiritual and worship, when it is not (cf. I Cor. 11:17, 20-22, 33-34). Why not read this article and learn important truths concerning laughter being used for deception? When a preacher, teacher, elder or any other Christian thinks they can use laughter to replace needed instruction, rebuke, and edification from the Word they are deceived indeed!


Man Telling God What Is Authorized

 Specifics of descriptions given in the Scriptures, for our admonition and learning, concerning those going into Apostasy are: 1. They are rebellious; 2. They are liars; 3. They will not hear the law of the Lord; 4. They bear rule by their own means; 5. The people love to have it so. In this article both Jeremiah and Isaiah are quoted as presenting the mindset of those who are intent on shutting the mouths of the faithful who are content with trusting  in God’s ways in order to receive His blessings.


Spreading Emotionalism Via E-Mails

The important warning given in this article is introduced by, “Dear reader, beware of the appeal of a cute religious story, poem or prose. People love to be told they are the greatest, receive unwarranted sympathy, hear they have surprise coming, etc., and thus be made to feel secure in spite of their ungodliness.” …With a click of a button an emotionally charged email can be passed on via one’s mailing list with some kind of careless not attached such as, “Enjoy!”       

Age Old Sayings Of Complacency

 We often speak of “age old philosophies” in the context of them being man’s flimsy excuses wherein he justifies himself in ungodliness. Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun. Why not take a trip through the ages and look at some age old sayings of complacency along with the type of individuals who make them?

Things Often Missing During Afflictions

  The applications in this brief study will deal with those who are in affliction. Dear reader, you will notice that with some of these God has no pleasure. For others, they see God’s faithfulness during their afflictions. Why not read this either for your self or with a view to being able to help another?

A Simple Biblical Pattern For Explaining “Why?”

   A respondent who questioned the matter of judging those who live together without marriage stated, “I think these days it can be a good thing to live together before getting married....  This obviously goes against your feelings, but they're just your feelings, not everyone's." Last of all she stated, "As far as your last sentence, it's not an idea that it's acceptable and normal, these days, IT IS acceptable and normal.... If you don't like it, then don't do it.... I wouldn't criticize you...why do you judge about people who choose to live together?"
  This individual wants to know "why" I would determine that people who choose to live together are wrong in doing so? I presumed this to be an honest question deserving of an answer.

The Ten Commandments In Public Schools

  Here is an article about the inconsistencies in members of the church when they jump on political bandwagons and thus promote the Ten Commandments. Perhaps you need to study and realize the simple truth about where the Ten Commandments belong in Biblical History. Christians do not “live by” the Ten Commandments!

Selected Newspaper Articles From The Valley Church of Christ

  These are selected articles that appeared in our local newspaper, The Sun. The intent of these articles is that each shows a love for and desire to present the Truth without incorporating the emotional flavor so popular with other religious bodies today. Why not read these short truthful articles titled “Has Someone Pulled The Plug From Your Life?, “Holding Back Truth To Be A Seeker Friendly Church,” “Among The Apostles There Was No Pope,” and “Scriptural Warnings Appropriate For Grad Night.”

Why Aren’t Your Kids In Camp?

   Summer time of the year obviously appears to be what some have referred to as the time for "youth summer camp," "youth rallies," and "FC Camp" time. I offer the following by way of warning. If you think I'm too concerned about nothing of any importance then you may be the one who needs the warning.


Selected Newspaper Articles From The Valley Church of Christ

These are selected articles that appeared in our local newspaper, The Sun. The intent of these articles is that each shows a love for and desire to present the Truth without incorporating the emotional flavor so popular with other religious bodies today. Why not read these short truthful articles titled “Coming To Worship ~ A Spectator Sport!, “King Solomon And Child Murder,” “An Old Fear And Shame ~ Easter,” “War Protesters.”


Using “All” To Displace Hatred

 This article refers states God’s desire for ALL men to come to repentance, shows ALL  men have come from Adam, teaches the Gospel is for ALL  men, shows a Jew preaching salvation to a Gentile, presents scripture where both Jew and Gentiles were made “one new man,” i.e. a Christian, emphasizes that ALL who manifest the works of the flesh will perish, and ends with God’s universal requirement of repentance and baptism for ALL men in order that they  might be saved! 

Acknowledgements & Requests Concerning My Heart

 God expects the soul, heart, and oneself to be pure. Moreover, it is man’s duty to be as concerned as God about what He demands of one’s heart! How long has it been since you asked God to look at your “own” heart? Perhaps you have never made such a request to God. Why not read this brief article and compare the points with your own heart and conscience, and this with a view to being forgiven of your sins and maintaining a pure heart before God?

What God Can Do To A Great City And Other Things

   Hurricane Katrina struck the east coast the week this article was written. Did it frighten you? Perhaps such will cause one to think about the importance of spending their lifetime in faithful service to and fear of God (Cf. Heb. 12:18-21, 25-29). This brief study goes back to statements found in the prophets that declare the Majesty of God. May you and I perceive that Majesty, keep ourselves separated from the foolish who do not understand the hand of God, and thus worship and serve Him with reverence and fear!


Telling Members They Are Sinning In Deliberately Missing Church

  This is the one of the most needed and necessary lessons of our day. Beginning with a list  of  well known excuses offered by brethren from all over, the blame is placed where it should be and this is with the unfaithfulness of the church as a “whole.” Local churches are failing miserably in making certain of any particular member’s faithfulness, and thus not to be guilty of allowing unfaithfulness. That “fear” is the main reason there is an obvious (manifest) attendance problem in so many churches is plainly stated. Members themselves are afraid of disciplining for fear of losing numbers, finances, status, etc. God’s people should be told their sins! Are you afraid to do that?

How Will God Feel About You When You Ask Him For Help?

  Do you know someone who is in trouble and needs God’s help? In this brief study the scriptures are related to  three important questions dealing with those times when we need, desire, and ask for God’s help: (1) When you want God’s help how fast do you want Him there? (2) When we need Him to deliver us how far do we want Him from us? (3) How do you want God to feel about you when you ask Him to help you?

We Are Delivered To Do All Of This!

  This article relates to an important issue the church faces today; when it comes to Christians building human organizations for worship and evangelism, the issue has always been the right of man to build another organization when God specified His, the local church ( I Tim. 3:15). God gave the local church as the pillar and support of the truth! (I Tim. 3:15) In defense of the Guardian of Truth’s own “Truth Magazine Lectureship” age old arguments are popping up again, such as the School of Tyrannus argument and the Jesus Foundation. Why would any Christian give precedent to any human organization if it stands in the way of a return to practicing God’s wisdom in giving the local church?

Why God Delivers From Death

  Almost dying can be a frightening experience afterwards when one realizes how close they came. God Himself is said to deliver man’s soul from going into the pit, at times (Job 33:27-30).  Elihu said that there is often deliverance from God if one would but say,  “I have sinned, and perverted that which was right, and it profited me not” (Job 33:27). The Psalmist said that God forgives and delivers in order that we might fear Him! The grave matter of having been given another opportunity for faithful service to God is reinforced by various thoughts on making our choice in life the way of Truth.

The Paths of Mercy

  The subject of God’s great mercy is connected with the things that He delights in. God delights in Loving-kindness, Justice and Righteousness, thus the necessity of our glorying in these things in order that we might receive His mercy! Moreover, God’s mercy is for those who fear Him (Ps. 103:17-18). We must remember that it is in the practice of mercy itself that we receive back from God (Ps. 18:25-27). Along with these there is a checklist of applications on God’s kindness. 

What To Tell Your Mate When They Are Guilty of Wrath

 Christians need to study and then be honest and make the right applications to one another, all family members, and especially with their own mates (Cf. I Th. 5:14). Read this article to understand the things one should tell a mate concerning their wrath.

A Lesson On Being Fleeceable For The Naïve (Gullible) And Simple Minded


 Some are amazed at just how gullible Christians can be. At least that’s what some say. This response was written to concur with such amazement. Why not read it an learn why some believe everything they are told?

Just Good Advice

Versus The Gospel That Saves

   The world’s remedy is offered by the world but God’s remedy for sinful situations in the lives of His creation is found in the Gospel of Christ. Concerned reader, God’s remedy begins by identifying the sin and stating the penalty. In this article you will see the vast difference between just offering another advice and telling them the truth about God’s remedies that deal with the soul, the need of instruction from His word, the penalty for having sinned, and what is necessary for one to receive the remission of their sins.

“What Do You Mean By Collective Responsibility?”

   This article contains a reply to the question that is the topic of study.  One asked, “Oh yes, and what do you mean by collective responsibilities?” Consider carefully the scriptures from the New Testament that present individuals not acting “individually” and you cannot miss the importance of collective responsibilities such as belonging to and worshipping and working with a local church belonging to Christ.

Breaking Scriptural Patterns in Good Conscience

   Many refuse to recognize and admit that doctrinal matters are included in maintaining a good conscience. In other words concerning “conscience” it is not as if one is always at liberty to do what they want. Just because one chooses to do something, thinks they can do it, and feels good about it doesn’t necessarily make it right! Now why not study about this important matter by reading the article?

Helping to Avoid Divorce

When You Know It’s Coming


   Just like in the world, yet among members of the church one spouse will often say that they have fallen out of love with the other. When this is not dealt with scripturally, and immediately, then the next step is they quit assembling and soon leave the church altogether (see Heb. 10:24-26 for the eternal consequences of doing such). When such begins and progresses we know there’s going to be divorce! This article sets forth a pattern that I’ve seen develop among members of the church for many years now. They do not consult God’s word and seek scriptural counsel from the faithful. Instead they rush to the world and seek out those who offer them a quick worldly solution to ensure that they can escape their marriage, and often with financial security. Sin is added to sin in such cases and the inevitable end in sight is divorce. Read this article with a view to offering scriptural aid to troubled marriages in the church and thus enabling them to avoid the sin of divorce.

About The Covetous

   Greed or covetousness may be found at any level of society; the Bible makes no distinction as to social position or race.  Things can change quickly for the covetous and all such will ultimately find themselves in conflict with God. The covetous trouble their  own house, Solomon said. They are a torment to themselves, bring strife and trouble their families, but are too dull spiritually to know wherein the problem lies.

Delighting In Iniquity

   Delighting in iniquity replaces one’s delight to do God’s will. David testified to this when he said, “I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart” (Ps. 40:8). This article pursues, briefly, a time when David did not delight in God’s law and sinned by numbering the people. Smitten in heart by God’s punishment he turns to God, confesses, and asks forgiveness. His heart had chosen that in which God did not delight; he had delighted in iniquity!

The Church Acting In Discipline

   Discipline is a work of the local church. The instruction given to the church at Corinth shows that a brother was to be withdrawn from when they came together in assembly. We know what was accomplished in that assembly. He was removed! The work of discipline that includes withdrawal is just as much a work of the church as is edification and worship.

(1) Jesus Is King of the Jews And All Men; (2) The Israel Of God Today

   Here are two short newspaper articles. Jesus is not only the King over the Jews today but He is everyone’s King. He rules today from heaven and has all authority in heaven and upon earth (Read and understand ~ Lk. 10:22; John 3:35; 5:22-27;17:2,10; Matt. 28:18-20; Eph. 1:19-23). The modern state of Israel is not like the Biblical theocracy that the Israel of old at one time was. Moreover, the spiritual Israel of God today is the church that consists of both Jews and Gentiles serving God by faith in Jesus as the Son of God. Why not read these two articles and begin to learn more about Jesus Christ as our King?

Don’t Thank The Sun, Thank God!

    Old pagan beliefs and practices surfaced during the Christmas Holiday. In referring to the “sun” in this title I am thinking of the winter solstice. One article which I read stated the sun was being thanked for its promise that light will prevail and another life-summer will eventually follow. What man sorely needs is to read how God offers salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. In doing so they will see the folly of paganism with its rank idolatrous practices, some of which have crept back into modern society.

Five Short Articles On Jesus’ Kingdom And Reign

   Here are five articles that were written for our local newspaper. Look below to see if some or all may be of benefit to you or to another you might know.

1. Jesus Is King Of The Jews And Of All Men!

2. The Israel of God Today (With Additional Comments on Zionism).

3.  Christianity Does Not Teach Another Temple In Jerusalem!

4. The One Thousand Year Reign Is Not On Earth!

5. The Battle of “Armageddon.”



Who Can Forgive Sins But God Alone?

  The various accounts of Jesus’ power to forgive sins during His personal ministry testified to Him being God. He forgave sins for both men and women. In Matt. 9:1-8 when Jesus healed the paralytic He wanted them to know that the Son of Man had authority to forgive sins. The simple point is He had the authority do so because He was God. We must accept that and keep it in the “time” period in which it occurred. This article explains the purpose of John’s baptism, as well as the forgiveness and salvation of the thief who was crucified with Jesus (Lk. 23:43). The Lord said that He came to seek and to save the lost (Lk. 19:10). Thus He forgave sins as one of blessings of His presence among men.

The Foolishness In Forgetting God’s Word

  Trials should not cause us to forget God’s law! We can receive strength in remembering past trials we persevered in (Cf. Heb. 10:32-34). The one who perseveres does not shrink back! Why not read this article and acquaint yourself with what is happening when one forgets God’s law?

The Way of Integrity

Psalms 119

  This Psalm is often avoided because of its length. This study begins with eight points on integrity with God. Follow these application is made from each of the remaining sections. You will note that our inconsistencies are often our reproach in life. And that there is boldness in serving God when there are no inconsistencies. Also, that affliction is one of God’s ways to “make” us understand His precepts. One lesson is what God tells us to do when persecuted with a lie. And another is that we should fear God’s judgments rather than fearing man. Understand that it is on the grounds of your integrity that you may plead to God for protective care against the wicked (Ps. 119:121-128). These are but a few of the good lesson presented through studying this Psalm. Why not read the article and while doing so read it along with your Bible?

The List That Justifies The Ungodly

    Having no real concern for the whole of God’s commandments and doing all He requires (cf. Ps. 119:160), the wicked will often “keep records” (lists) of others’ sins that they have repented of. Their carnal record keeping seeks to condemn the righteous who have repented, and to justify the ungodly who continue to mistreat them while ignoring their own sins. Such intimidation by use of their “list” is just one way that they seek to take the present righteousness of the just away from them!

What Stubbornness Really Is

   The prophet Jeremiah had a lot to say about the stubbornness of God’s people. He pulled no punches but stated plainly the carnality involved. The purpose of this study is to ensure that we understand the importance of obedience being commanded us. The seriousness of this study is seen in that the stubborn contend with God, are punished, and while being punished go yet onwards towards that point where iniquity is great, sins are numerous, and God’s punishment painfully serious!

The Majority Know Another Jesus

  The church at Corinth gladly tolerated fools who taught another Jesus and different gospel, Paul said (cf. 2 Cor. 11:4, 19).  It is possible for one to read the trifling literature of fools and possess a completely false view of Jesus. Read the Gospels for your self and see what He really did do and teach. Here’s a start with applications from the Gospels themselves that show the stark differences between what most think Jesus taught and what He really did teach!

The Lies Of Apostasies

  The full title of this article is “The Pattern Of Lies Producing And Sustaining Apostasies.” You don’t see much on this particular part of apostasy in spite of the fact that those involved are frequently said to have misrepresented others’ statements, twist what others say in confronting them, and that they just flat make false statements. Read this article to study what Jeroboam did wrong when he said in his heart that God’s established order would not work. Besides Jeroboam’s apostasy, the article presents in detail the pattern of lies producing apostasies from the book of Jeremiah.

Why We Rejoice With One Another

  God delights over His people to do them good (De. 28:63). The Psalmist said, “Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart” (Ps. 97:11). We are commanded to rejoice with those who rejoice, and to weep with those who weep, being of the same mind one toward another (Rom. 12:15-16). Our being sorrowful when one is arrogant and suffers is different from sharing joy and sorrow as Paul spoke of. If one of us suffers because we remain arrogant and obstinate then our tears will be the tears of Jeremiah if we love them (cf. Jer. 13:17). However, you will find such “rejoice with” applications in this article as (1) I Can Rejoice With One Who Is Faithful Whom I Know God Delights Over To Do Good; (2) I Can’t Rejoice With Another When I See The Vanity Of The World; (3) I Can Rejoice With One Who Rejoice In Truth; (4) I Can Rejoice With One Who Wants God’s Instruction, Counsel, And Eye Upon Them.

Sharing Sorrow As Well As Joy

   This article goes along with “Why We Rejoice With One Another” listed just above. These give emphasis to how there can be suffering, sorrow, and joy in combination and at the same times (cf. 2 Cor. 7:4; Phil. 2:17-18). As we think of rejoicing, and thus helping others, we understand the obligation of also sharing sorrow and helping when our brethren are hurting. In this article you find what to do if the hurt is adversity. Likewise you will find what you can do to help if the anxiety is because of having sinned.

The Appreciation Of Godly Sisters In Christ

   The tremendous value of our sisters in Christ is set forth in this article. Beginning with the honor that is due to faithful women in Christ, the study sets forth the various duties enjoined upon them in regards to their family and service to rendered to the church that Christ built. They are to be ready unto every good work (Eph. 2:10, I Tim. 5:10, Titus 3:1, 2:14). Why not study the nine points of application directed towards their being scripturally appreciated?

Selected Newspaper Articles

  Here are four newspaper articles presented to the community with a love for the truth. The intent is to present God’s truths  without incorporating the emotional flavor so popular with other religious bodies: (1) “When You’re Promised You’ll Like It!” exposes “pitches” for attracting visitors contrasted with what God’s word should produce in those who hear. (2) “Politics Does Not Make Evil To Be Good!” presents the fear associated with “political correctness” in our society contrasted with true Christians’ desire to tell people they are wrong morally, i.e. religiously. (3) “God Knows When Men Conceal The Truth” presents a scriptural view of those who claim to preach God’s word while restraining their lips for covetousness sake. These help the ungodly and love those who hate the Lord! (4) “Justifying Self By Saying Church Responsibility Is Not Necessary” answers four popular self justifications offered for not studying and seeking a scriptural church.

Selected Newspaper Articles

   Dear reader the following bold headings are selected articles that appeared in our local newspaper the Yuma Sun. The intent of these articles is that each shows a love for and desire to present the Truth without incorporating the emotional flavor so popular with other religious bodies today. The first of four articles titled “I’m Mr. Positive!” bespeaks of the empty, vain, teaching and preaching done today by popular speakers who serve themselves and not the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 16:17). Consider that the last three articles aim at giving concerned people some idea of what Jesus really did say. We encourage you to read each of scriptures referenced to understand your own accountability (Jo. 12:48; Matt. 7:21-27).


Vindication Based Upon One’s Righteousness, Integrity

   This study is linked with a prior article and is a continuation of integrity as defined from Psalms 119 as well as other Psalms. For the first article see the introduction. In this study you will find such points as: (1) Pleading for protection against the wicked, (2) One’s hope for deliverance, (3) Asking God for vindication, (4) Who is fit for communion with God, (5) What preserves when in distress, (6) The “I Haves” of integrity, and (7) David’s integrity. 

God Turns The Way Of The Wicked Upside Down

  This lesson considers the path of the wicked that is a familiar topic throughout the Psalms. You will learn about the wicked by the following: (1) God thwarts the way of the wicked (Ps. 146:9); (2) God puts the wicked in great fear (Ps. 53); (3) Accusers are filled with their own ways (Ps. 109). This section tells you exactly what will happen to the wicked; (4) You will learn about the purpose of their traps they set for the righteous; (5) God overthrows the best of secret counsel (Ps. 64).

Let Us Get You A New Kind Of Preacher!

   Those full of carnality (works of the flesh) accuse the faithful unjustly with wicked intent, spread strife with their mouths, and set an example of evil for others to imitate (cf. 3 John 10-11). They have a goal, an objective, and will sacrifice the truth and brethren to achieve it! These are looking forward to and working towards division in order that they might have their own way, and that with the “kind of preaching” that lacks application and pleases the ungodly (cf. 2 Tim. 4:1-5). Understand that the longer the church postpones dealing with them scripturally the closer they get to their unscriptural goals (cf. Rev. 2:20). There is nothing more carnal, and full of the works of the flesh, that I can think of at this age in my life than brethren who work to stop applicable preaching and teaching. They will stop at nothing to get the “new kind” of preacher. Old warnings need to be issued! As in the past there will always be bigger churches somewhere ready to aid the pattern of apostasy and provide the “new kind” of teachers and preachers. That is how apostasy is able to continue. Brethren beware! It is quite possible that you know of such things happening among us.

“All You Really Have To Do Is Believe In God”

    Jesus said, “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven” (Matt. 7:21). This is a lesson today for “the foolish” who refuse to recognize that faith without works is useless and dead (see James 2:20-26). Above all it becomes, when we understand the expression “the will of My Father,” the very lesson people need who say Jesus is Lord and then profess there are other religions that lead to the Father that don’t believe Jesus is Lord (cp. Lk. 6:46). And again, notice in our study what knowing and doing “the will of My Father” does to the statement often heard, i.e. all you have to do is believe in God.


Selected Newspaper Articles

   Dear reader the following titles are selected newspaper articles that appeared in our local newspaper the Yuma Sun. Advertizing for many churches tends to follow the current trend for advertizing in general and has an emotional “pitch” to possibly interest the reader. The intent of these articles is that each shows a love for and desire to present the Truth without incorporating the emotional flavor so popular with other religious bodies today. There is nothing comparable to the truth of God’s words with its wisdom. The topics are: “The Buyer Is Like The Seller; The Creditor Is Like The Debtor” (What God’s word says about liars, cheats and murderers applies to all – the rich and poor!); “Wicked Kids, Teens, Beating & Stomping Others” (This exposes the lie, “Oh they’re just too young to know better!”); “Some Wrights Are So Wrong” (When so called “Pastors” are asked if John 14:6 is true and if they think Islam is another way to salvation, and then suggest that there is another path to the Father they deny what Jesus and the apostles taught! (cf. John 12:48).



The Transgender Thing

     The bible contains an abundance of information applicable to the direction that our society is going as regards sexual immoralities or perversion. One immorality perhaps considered less publicized than others is the “transgender” thing. Perhaps I should be more specific and say “transsexual” thing, i.e. the desire to live and be accepted as a member of the sex opposite to that of their own birth. Such often alter their bodies and physical appearance in order to present themselves according to this desire. In the New Testament alone there are several lists of the works of the flesh that will keep one out of the kingdom of Christ.  You will find some helpful, worthwhile applications at the close of this article that will provide wisdom to be shared with others.

They Don’t Have A Right To Be Supported By Our Local Churches

   The matter of the Truth Magazine Lectureship has come up again (Guardian Of Truth Foundation’s). I ask you to consider the following points: (1) What they cannot accept tells what they are; (2) Their use of old liberal institutional slogans tell what they are; (3) Their silly comparisons tell what they lack.

Selected Newspaper Articles

     Dear reader the following titles are selected newspaper articles that appeared in our local newspaper the Yuma Sun. The first is titled “That’s Not My Jesus!” Some are quick to respond to Jesus’ condemnation of homosexuality with, “That’s not my God!” Such do not present the real Jesus. You will notice should you read each of the three brief articles that there are two kinds of “fools” mentioned therein. There are “fools” who truly despise God’s wisdom and instruction given by Him in His Word (Prov. 1:29). Such fools as these do not listen to what God says. The article titled “Fools Leave God out of Marriage presents this kind of fool.  Again, and by contrast there those who do listen and obey God’s Word who are viewed as being “fools” for so doing. These “fools” are presented in the article titled “The Credentials of a Fool.” Which kind of “fool” are you?


The Bible Does not Teach Praying to Animals

  Amazingly during the celebration of the “blessing of animals” this year one church, not Catholic, offered this opportunity: “In addition to the blessing, all present can offer special prayers to the animal friends who have died. Each person may name the pet.” At least this what appeared in the newspaper article promoting this event. Read this article and you will notice several strange and divergent views that some hold concerning animals as part of God’s creation.

What Every Politician Needs to Know

   Applicable lessons based upon David’s addresses, and of course God’s, to Solomon concerning his reigning upon David’s throne form the background of this particular article. Read about Solomon’s throne and exemplification of one of his own proverbs: “It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness” (Prov. 6:12). Applications are also made from the book of Jeremiah and the Psalms denouncing oppression, fraud, extortion, cruelty and the destruction of the foundation of society.

News Week’s Blunder on the Bible & Gay Marriage

  News Week’s Dec. 15th issue’s cover has “Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy” as its top article. The author says: “Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side.” It is evident that the author didn’t know what she was talking about. These short newspaper articles expose a great deal of the error presented in this widely circulated article.

The Real Sin In Sodom

   This article is a reply to a respondent who was delighted with the error that was presented in News Week’s Dec. 15ths feature article “Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy.” I wasn’t delighted and had something to say scripturally concerning those who justify the wicked as being an abomination to the Lord (cf. Prov. 17:15).  The following presented ensued as he replied to what I had said. And I in turn to what he said. There is a great of deal scriptural information here concerning what Jesus and inspired writers said about the sin of homosexuality. There are descriptions of Sodom both from the Old and New Testaments.

News Week’s Blunder on the Bible & Gay Marriage, #2

   In this “The Truth In Print” publication for Feb. 2009 you will find mention of a Mr. Knapp who has taken issue with the church’s articles in our local newspaper titled “Newsweek’s Biblical Blunder On The Bible & Gay Marriage.” Included is what he chose to say about us in the opinion column of our newspaper. He has accused our church of using selective scriptures, the effect of which he says is to marginalize and demonize gays and lesbians. There are certain things presented we’d like for others to note concerning his disapproval of our teaching the truth about gay sex. Mr. Knapp is illustrative of how confidence in the social scientific theories of the “present” can lead one. It is obvious as one reads his last paragraph that this confidence has led him to say the opposite of what the Scriptures really do say. For example compare what his last paragraph says with our fourth newspaper article, “News Week’s Biblical Blunder On The Bible & Gay Marriage #4.” The New Testament scriptures do not teach that those who practice gay sex are to be included in fellowship with members of the local church. 



Unitarian / Universalists

  Having been criticized by a Unitarian / Universalist (See articles titled: “Newsweek’s Biblical Blunder On The Bible & Gay Marriage” ) for our series on Newsweek’s blunder --- this article states what Unitarians are all about. You will find that you don’t have to believe in God to be a part of their man made religion!

“When the Lord opens the door…”

   This article relates two separate incidents with regard to those who think instruments of music are acceptable in church worship. Both serve, I believe, as a reminder of how apostasy works and presents itself in order to perpetuate its working of error. The second incident illustrates how apostasy never stands still. You should know this and be able to see this. The next generation goes yet further progressing in error. Some churches calling themselves churches of Christ have now added the instrument of music!

Identity Theft 



  Here is a lesson based upon the prevalence of “identity theft.” This lesson answers the questions, “What is identity theft?”, “How do thieves steal an identity?”, “What do thieves do with a stolen identity?”, “How can you find out if your identity was stolen?” and  What can you do to help fight identity theft?” --- All with a spiritual view as to the use of Christ’s name without proper permission and how Christ name theft crimes take many forms. Spiritually the unity of belief and practice of the one Gospel is the means by which we fight identity theft and protect against those who wear Christ’s name who are frauds. You will find twelve scriptural and helpful applications for detecting these impostors who preach another Gospel. Such will “rob” you of your prize if you let them (Col. 2:18-19).

The Phrase “Baptized Believer”

  The truth is when one uses the phrase “baptized believer” it may mean any number of things. If you plug “baptized believer” into your search on the internet you’ll probably get “Believer’s Baptism.” Likewise that phrase may mean any number of things. This careful consideration of the wide variety of meanings that exist concerning the use of “baptized believer” should serve as a warning concerning its use.

The Joyful Sorrow of Departing from those you Love

  Here is topic that you don’t see discussed very often. There are a lot of important things to consider when one thinks about moving elsewhere. Especially when one is departing from those whom they’ve worshipped and worked with in Christ. Moreover, this article is not just about preachers when they relocate but all members of a local church should they decide to move elsewhere. Why not read this article and consider the applications as to both the joy and sorrow of departing from those you love in Christ?

Great Truths learned from Tom Roberts Speech at the Truth Magazine Lectures 2009

  Those involved in the Guardian of Truth Foundation apostasy need to repent. Tom Roberts’ speech at the Truth Magazine Lectures simply reveals their continued digression. As he seeks to justify their present apostasy he uses arguments that liberals used to justify human societies in past generations. You’ll be benefitted by this article if you care about warning others concerning this continuing apostasy in our brotherhood.

The G12 Discipline Movement Explained,

Part One & Following

  The G12 discipline movement is sweeping the nation and around the world. Some say that money is the god of this movement, not God and His word. People do not have “bad hearts” just because they wish to investigate or discuss “systems” and “movements” that claim to be of Christ. The introductory article tells briefly of the beginning of the movement. It also includes a warning against the “Women Pastors & the Co-Pastorate Husband and Wife Set Up” in general that is so prevalent in non-denominational churches today. Read the entire series being developed here! 

Civil Government Out of Control (Series)

   This is a series of Newspaper Articles that we published in the Yuma Sun. There are six short article based upon activities in the life of the apostle Paul. These present where government officials either failed or succeeded in doing their work. Actually there is a great deal of information here about civil rulers, workers, and politicians dealing with such things as motives, consequences, civil harassment, rumors and lies, hatred, mob violence, intent to murder, greed and man pleasing – the desire and advantage for political figures as they work at pleasing others.

Commentary on the book of Malachi

   Here is a practical study of the book of Malachi with questions for each section. It can be used for a class study in whatever way one desires to do so. There are brief outlines accompanying each section for additional information and application.

Do Not Let Your Heart Envy Sinners

   The purpose of this article is to emphasize the importance of enabling others to develop speech that correctly describes the sinner ---- and especially our children. Applications are made for this important question: If you can’t say the wicked are so what are some likely problem you will have?

For the Naïve, Scoffers and Fools

   In Proverbs chapter one “Wisdom” shouts publicly to all including the simple minded (naïve), scorners (scoffers) and fools. Religious and scriptural applications are made with propaganda techniques. God doesn’t Name Call. If God says someone or some group is stupid then they are stupid! God does not use Glittering Generalities. He did not choose words and phrases with always favorable implications! God does not us the Plain Folks approach. God is not just one of us! God used “true” Guilty By Association. The three mentioned in the title are grouped and belong together, God says. God did not use the Band Wagon. Accepting God’s law and obeying it will not put you in the majority! You will find a link here to other articles from an extended study of Proverbs chapter one.

Penalties for the Naïve, Scoffers and Fools (Parts One Through Three)

   These articles state the penalties the naïve, scoffers and fools thought they’d escape all the while paying no attention to God’s call. Such listed penalties are: (1) God Withholding His Word, (2) God Will Laugh at their Calamity and Mock when their Fear Comes, (3) Distress and Anguish Come. You will find related articles along with these at this particular link.

Things Refused, Neglected, Paid Not Attention To And Hated – Part One & Two

   Here are good admonitions to give to someone if they are not paying attention and getting pounded by God for not doing so! They are taken from an extended study of Proverbs chapter one. Such fools were guilty of (1) Refusing God’s Call, (2) Paying No Attention to His Outstretched Hand, (3) Neglecting All God’s Counsel, (4) Hating Knowledge, and (5) Not Choosing the Fear of the Lord. You will find an abundance of application here. You will find related articles along with these at this particular link.

Human Creeds and Statements of Faith

   Many believe that their church’s creed – often written long ago – is equal in authority to the New Testament scriptures. This article is written with the intent of showing that creeds and statements of faith often contain error. Many statements of faith are written to “attract” by stating social goals. Sadly, these are lacking in stating truthfully what is necessary for one to believe and do in order to be saved. Even the ancient Apostles’ Creed is not enough!

Selected Newspaper Articles On Civil Government

  This is a series of newspaper Articles titled “Civil Government Out Of Control” (Numbers 1-6) listed above that ran in the Yuma Sun in 2009. Since I have put it into our newsletter format I am listing it again. There are six short article based upon activities in the life of the apostle Paul. These present where government officials either failed or succeeded in doing their work. Actually there is a great deal of information here about civil rulers, workers, and politicians dealing with such things as motives, consequences, civil harassment, rumors and lies, hatred, mob violence, intent to murder, greed and man pleasing – the desire and advantage for political figures as they work at pleasing others.

Selected Newspaper Articles

  The following are selected newspaper articles ran by the Valley church of Christ for 2009-2010. We put some together periodically in order to post them on our website. Both churches and preachers would do well to consider that just offering a few scriptural points on important topics can go a long way in helping others. Consider the following points on (1) Why Pentecostal / Charismatic Tactics Easily Deceive; (2) Complaining With No Intention Of Making Things Scriptural; (3) Stupid Kid’s Games Draw Customers; (4) Liberation Theology & Marxist Ideology; (5) Human Creeds & Statements of Faith.

The Quran On Jesus (Series)

  You will often hear that Islam honors all prophets, including Jesus. Just what “kind” of honor does Islam give to the Lord Jesus Christ? It is certainly not that they believe in His deity because they do not. The truth is Islam repeatedly denies that Jesus is God. Islam also denies the basic tenants of the New Testament teaching about Jesus and salvation. How do you supposedly honor Him when the honor you give to Him is the dishonor of saying He was not who He said He was? Why not follow this series and see the many truths that Islam denies about Jesus that the New Testament teaches and Christians believe?

Newspaper Articles: Christianity Is Not Islam (Series)

  No one should disregard or deny the “intolerance” of radical Muslims for others’ faiths as shown in current news from Egypt and Iraq. This shows why such intolerance must be kept out of America and elsewhere. The truth is that Muslims themselves deny the basic principles of Christianity.  Thus, they can in turn live civilly with Christians stating that they do not believe in Muhammad or Islam. Government should not participate in the destruction of the will to confess Christ. What others think of our belief is not as important in this context as what they cannot do to Christians in the United States or elsewhere. Christianity is certainly not a religion that endorses the senseless murder of individuals for either leaving or disagreeing!  This series deals with some of the differences between what the New Testament teaches about Jesus and what Muslims believe.


It’s Not A Church!

   Once accepted one human organization spawns others. A kinship develops through acceptance, and the influence of even one “type” of human society can weigh strongly in others’ desire for yet another. The common defense of the human society amongst us is “It’s not a church” ---thus the arguments that the school, the camp and the benevolent society engaged in works God gave the local church are to be accepted. By defining the human society by what it is “not” by no means scripturally justifies it. This article presents this common defense with current application.


The Rapture That Never Comes!


   This series on premillennialism with its so called “rapture” is set against recent false teaching and predictions concerning such. You will find a simplified basic premillennial chart that helps to explain this deceptive doctrine. Scriptural points are given to counter this doctrine under “Important Applications.”

Newspaper Articles: The Rapture That Never Comes

  These short newspaper articles are linked with The Truth In Print series (see above) so the reader may find information on this very topic with expansion of the main points. Like the mentioned fuller expanded study these article show the error in the premillennial doctrine with its so called “rapture.”

The Muslim Feast of Ramadan

   Here is a close look at Ramadan as presented by Muslims from the Quran in English with English commentaries. Every time I read what Muslim scholars have to say about Islam their message is clearly that Islam is a religion that seeks to destroy belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God --- it denies the fundamental teaching of the New Testament as the will of God for all of mankind until the end of time. Their teaching on Ramadan obviously fits this established pattern! One interesting doctrine also included is what Muslims are told to do in seeking the forgiveness of their sins.

Be Sure to Keep Christ at New Years!

   Professions of love for the “baby” Jesus at Christmas time are often nothing more than hypocrisy. Such are often followed within a very short period of time with drinking and revelry at New Years. Here is a description of what the drunkard brings upon himself.

Someone Christians Never Need ---

The Corporate Chaplain

   Here is your “physical future” generally speaking (Eccl. 12:1-8). With that in mind this article presents Duties one must fulfill. First, there is duty to self to not forsake the truth in old age. Of course, there is also the duty to relieve and care for one’s own family. Thirdly, this article presents some of the dangers for Christians in care centers and lessons from the elderly, both good and bad.

Should “Grass Roots” Pol. Movements Address Local Churches of Christ

  This is election year and I’m hearing that a pastor (denominational usage) is afraid if he doesn’t allow his church to have a requested political presentation from our grass root political movement. It never dawned on such that a church of Christ would be in scriptural agreement that such is not authorized as part of an assembly of the church. Where did personal conscience suddenly go? What happened to religious liberty? Read this study to understand why all the members of the local church are in agreement, and make no apologies for respecting the authorized work of the assemblies of the church.

Going to Church with the Easter Bunny


   Paying close attention is hard work (Heb. 2:1-3). W. E. Vine states commenting upon the word correctly translated “Passover” (Acts 12:4), “The term Easter is not of Christian origin. It is another form of Astarte, one of the titles of the Chaldean goddess, the queen of heaven. The festival of Pasch held by Christians in post-apostolic times was a continuation of the Jewish feast, but was not instituted by Christ, nor was it connected with Lent. From this Pasch the Pagan festival of Easter was quite distinct and was introduced into the apostate Western religion, as part of the attempt to adapt Pagan festivals to Christianity” (Vine’s Expository Dictionary).  Why not read this presentation and understand fully that the churches of Christ in the first century were not given a special Easter service.

Casting Down Eloquence & Sophistry Series

   Modern teachers love to emphasize some of the teaching of Jesus while discounting the teaching of His apostles. This “discount” includes all prophets who wrote the New Testament. Their prejudice against the whole of the New Testament scriptures makes it easy to identify them. It is the Scriptures themselves that expose their unwillingness to accept the whole of the New Testament teaching as the revealed will of Christ. Why not take time to read the exposure of such false teachers in these newspaper articles.


The Great Apostasy is Done, Finished!

   This article brings the apostasy of Individual Societies built by christians up to date. What was proposed in the 1800s and then again in our lifetime has taken root. Faithful members have always recognized that the congregational plan is the divine arrangement. Societies built today to do the works God gave His organization, the local church, to do are additions to His plan. They are not as is said just another avenue, or toll, for the church to do its work. Again, they are additions to God’s divine plan! In conjunction with this you might also want to read “Individually Supported Societies on the Sideline.”


How Can One Understand the Word of God?

(A Brief Study of Scriptural Authority)

   Most churches never speak out on the necessity of having “scriptural authority” for what one believes and practices. In fact, most are not willing to deal with the subject because of the lack of authority for things they are doing. Here is a brief study on how to establish scriptural authority by using Statements, Commands, Examples, and Necessary Inferences found in the Word of God. Each person is expected to read and understand God’s Word, just the same as if someone gave them an important set of instruction dealing with their work, or health, to read for their benefit.         



How Can One Understand the Bible?

  Most churches never speak out on the necessity of having “scriptural authority” for what one believes and practices. In fact, most are not willing to deal with the subject because of the lack of authority for things they are doing. Here is a brief study on how to establish scriptural authority by using Statements, Commands, Examples, and Necessary Inferences found in the Word of God. Each person is expected to read and understand God’s Word, just the same as if someone gave them an important set of instruction dealing with their work, or health, to read for their benefit.         


Aids & Additions (Expediencies Reviewed)

  Most churches never speak out on the necessity of having “scriptural authority” for what one believes and practices. In fact, most are not willing to deal with the subject because of the lack of authority for things they are doing. It is important to know the difference between “aids” used to carry out what is authorized versus “additions” which are things not authorized. This lesson should help with that distinction.

Casting Down Eloquence & Sophistry – Newspaper Series

  Modern teachers love to emphasize some of the teaching of Jesus while discounting the teaching of His apostles. This “discount” includes all prophets who wrote the New Testament. Their prejudice against the whole of the New Testament scriptures makes it easy to identify them. It is the Scriptures themselves that expose their unwillingness to accept the whole of the New Testament teaching as the revealed will of Christ. Why not take time to read the exposure of such false teachers in these newspaper articles.


Taking Snakes to Church

(Pentecostals’ Snake Handling)


 Some get offended when you ask, “Why do Pentecostals practice fake spiritual signs?” Speaking the truth often offends in the religious realm (cp. Jo. 6:60-62). Randy Mack Wolford “was” a snake handler. He died of a snake bite received during a worship service in May, 2012. His death was supposed to have proved something --- that he was faithful to Christ. I’ll discuss that in light of some scriptures in this article.

Using The Word “Religion” Correctly

  You will hear, “You know there is really no such thing as religion in the Bible.” That’s as false as one saying you can love Jesus but religion is non-essential. Some falsely present Jesus as greater than religion, but the religion He gave is His love, holiness, discipline and just nature. Various scriptural usages of the word “religion” are presented in this article while contrasting false religion with the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). You find references to the Jews’ religion, sects of the Jews, and man-made religion after the commandments and doctrines of men. Such are  contrasted with “pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father” (Ja. 1:27).

“Why I Left The Christian Church”

  Brother C.C. Morgan wrote this article in 1932. It presents a good look at the “Christian Church” in the 1930s. Why not read the reasons he gave for leaving? In his closing admonition he says, “Walk out of the unscriptural practices of the “Christian Church” and stand with the New Testament church on the “Old Book” and the “Old Faith.” This was, he said, “the only way out for those who love the Truth.”

About the Label “Advertisement” On Our Articles

   I’m often asked why there is a label of “advertisement” at the bottom of the church’s articles. They’ll often say, “No one else’s does, why yours?” The newspaper places it there. Consider this: While the designation is accurate, for our articles tell people about the church of Christ, it is obvious that the content is what we are seeking to get forward (Cf. 1 Tim. 3:15). There should be a distinct difference in what a church of Christ presents to the community, and that of the various false religions. And there is if the church is doing its work as it should. By refusing the often sought “marketing approach” the Truth becomes apparent. It is the Truth that is important in contrast to sin and religious error. Included is an exposure of the oft used “Try Us And You’ll Like Us” pitch.


In The House of Public Issues

  Here is information on the National Cathedral in D.C. hosting same-sex nuptials. Here is a present example of the fallacy of human conventions making man made laws and binding them on their church. Such displays how corrupt churches really are!

Selected Newspaper Articles on Political Correctness

  You might enjoy reading these as they are grouped together: “Politics Does Not Make Evil to be Good,” “What Presidents Do When They Promote Abortion and Gay Marriage,” “When the Governing Powers Refuse to Listen” and “Women Bishops And Gay Marriage Are Both Sinful.”

Excuses ~ Oldies Are Still the Goodies!

       There’s nothing so entertaining to some as tuning in to the “Oldies” program on their available radio network. In fact, I have a neighbor who does just such a program — he is a veritable walking encyclopedia on the hits from the 60s. Some of those hits you just don’t get tired of hearing, and there are some excuses for evading scriptural authority that you are always hearing from those who never tire of using them.


When Means Are Limited or Insufficient

     Brethren can sometimes find themselves in hurtful situations for which there seems to be no solutions. This article presents the wrongful attitudes one might have when means are insufficient, as well as the right way to approach such while accepting and seeking the counsel of brethren who care.

Getting Smart with God (Sarcasm)

   Many people, including some in the church, think that all uses of sarcasm are simply wrong and belong in the category of improper speech. Just like “satire” which is often humorous ridicule that conveys a rebuke or criticism, likewise “sarcasm” can be used to expose folly and vice. Brethren it is not wrong to expose folly to ridicule! Here’s a Bible lesson using sarcasm. The rightful use of sarcasm is presented in this lesson.

It’s Camp Time Again!

   Brethren building human organizations to function in worship and edification is again addressed by referencing the Camps. Such Camps are our children’s introductions to brethren building unauthorized human institutions for worship, edification and evangelism. Local churches should teach on human organizations depreciating God’s own divinely given organization, the local church.

Withdrawal: Family Reunions, Vacations, Special Days etc.

   This article presents the local church’s collective responsibility to withdraw from a member who walks disorderly, as well as each individual christian’s duty to not associate with any brother who leads an unruly life and not according to the instruction revealed in the New Testament scriptures. It includes such verses as Matt. 18:15-17; I Cor. 5:11; 2 Th. 3:6, 14, 15; 2 Cor. 2:6-8 as well as information on invites and feasts found in the New Testament.

Selected Newspaper Articles for 2013


  These newspaper articles from 2013 include: (1) “Using ‘Christendom’ to Cover Religious Error”; (2) “The Ways of the Street Mugger”; (3) “Murders, Murderers, Victims”; (4) “Surely not a Hot Head” and (5) “Surely not a Greedy Person.”

Surely not Dancing Around Lasciviousness (Twerking)

 “Twerking” is defined as “The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshly extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience. Hey Girl, lets Twerk on the dance floor.” Now, read this article to understand why those who seek to justify such dance around the sin of lasciviousness.


Zedekiah Would not Listen

  You see in Jeremiah the repetition of the same warning over and over, to Zedekiah and to all the people. The list of immediate preceding kings at the beginning of this article shows what has happened. Yet Zedekiah did not listen. We see in him that attitude of all God’s people that caused God to despise them and destroy them. Zedekiah had 11 years to hear and listen. Have you had your 11 years? * After reading this you may want to read “Jeremiah and the Unfaithful Remnant” for more information on this period of Judah.

The Knockout Game & Race Merchants

  At time it is just plain obvious who it is that is racist although some will offer lies as a cover for unrighteousness. It accomplishes absolutely nothing to let someone mouth that blatant racism and hatred is nothing more than an urban legend and get by with it! This should be exposed as often as it appears. Now, read the article for a scriptural exposure.

Jeremiah and the Unfaithful Remnant

  In a prior article “Zedekiah Would not Listen” God repeated the same warning to Zedekiah, and to all the people. You may desire to read that article that deals with the same period of Judah’s history. The account Jeremiah gives of the unfaithful remnant is one chalked full of their lies, false requests for prayer on their behalf, and idolatry as God repeats His warning. They “should clearly understand” that God has spoken and what God says He’ll do to those who do not listen and obey. Read this lesson and understand God’

Jeremiah’s Lamentations – Look Who’s
Cast into Hell!

  Two prior articles deal with the days of Jeremiah: Zedekiah Would not Listen and Jeremiah and the Unfaithful Remnant . This article describes the abject misery in Jerusalem as God brings His judgments upon Judah and destroys Jerusalem. Although the word “hell” is not found in the book of Lamentations it is seen everywhere. Read about the various classifications of individuals who were cast into eternal torment.

Florida College Articles #1-5

   Our brethren have built human societies for the purpose of worship, edification and evangelism without having scriptural authority to do so. These five articles answer common arguments given for the existence of Florida College engaged in these works. You may also wish to read The Great Apostasy is Done, Finished!

High Priests Under the Mosaic Law (Series)

The comparison in Hebrews 7 is that of Christ with those who officiated as high priests under the Levitical system. Heb. 10:28 says, “28 For the law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word of the oath, which was since the law, maketh the Son, who is consecrated for evermore.”  They were mere men who themselves sinned; they were numerous and had to be replaced, due to death. Here is the account of some beginning with Aaron.


Our Brethren’s “Sole Purpose” Argument & “The Percentage Justification”

  “Some of our brethren have built and maintained human organizations (businesses) that do a portion of the above works belonging to the local church. Such will often seek to justify their own organization’s work in these areas by citing a percentage basis. They will reason if the “sole purpose” is evangelism to save the lost world then it would be wrong. Then they say that the “spiritual work” done is not the primary work of the legitimate business in question. This is an all too obvious maneuver or trick that intentionally takes away the importance of the “whole” as belonging to God’s specified organization -- the local church arrangement given to His people.”

Why Churches Fear Applying “Scriptural Authority” ~ Selected Newspaper Articles

  Local churches of Christ must continue to be the pillar and support of the truth. These three articles relate to the fear manifested by church leaders who use human wisdom, emotions and lies; whose goals are power, prestige, pleasing self and material gain. Members themselves love their false position that allows them to fulfill their own lusts. These show how secular institutions influenced by Political Correctness have become protectors and enforcers for those who despise God’s Word, thus displaying a lack of respect for “religious” freedom of speech! 

Surely Fair is Unacceptable ~ “All” Works of the Flesh are Sinful!

   One aspect of “religious freedom of speech” is the right to name specific immoralities as well as oppose the teachings of other religions (cf. Matt. 15:12-14). Much is said today in defense of practicing homosexuality as if none have the right to say religiously that it is sinful conduct. However, true Christians believe and teach that “all” works of the flesh identified in the New Testament are sinful and that includes practicing homosexuality (Cf. Rom. 1:24-32; I Cor. 6:9-10; Gal. 5:19-21).

You Discriminate! You Hate! ~ “Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying?” (Matt. 15:12)


  Today almost every criticism of another’s religion brings the charge of irrational criticism and hate: “You’re discriminating!” “You hate!” A great weakness in understanding religious freedom of speech lies in thinking that one must not criticize any religion for some might be offended. Read here how Jesus replied to such false charges.

Discontent followed by the “Curtain Call” followed by the “Go Get ‘Em Letter”


   There is a pattern at times that is manifested in local churches.  One or more members, and at times among a family unit, manifest discontent — one will often even state that someone is just not happy therefore “they” might have to leave to please others or another. With brief intermissions the state of someone being unhappy is manifested again and again — the we will stay a little longer feeling wears off finally issuing in the curtain call. A final curtain call where one stands before the church, states that it saddens them to have to say that they’ve withdrawn their membership and will be worshipping elsewhere.


First Homosexuals Wed Civilly in Yuma


  Have you not read that God created them “male” and “female” (cf. Gen. 1:27, Matt. 19:4-5)? Husband and wife are identified by God in the Bible (Gen. 2:23-25; Gen. 3). You don’t find this kind of thing approved of in the Bible (cf. I Cor. 6:9-11). Consider in view of God’s established order that a man can’t be a wife to another man; a man can’t be a husband to another man; a woman can’t be a husband to anyone; a woman can’t be a wife to another woman.

Mr. Not Relevant

  In this article Mr. Not Relevant has the relevancy in the wrong place. First of all, contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints is always relevant to the work of the local church (cf. Phil. 1:27). A basic understanding of the local church is its teaching locally (cf. Acts 20:27-32; I Cor. 14:26). Matters of apostasy are never irrelevant for Christians in a local body as they are warned about them. Moreover thinking none in the community outside the church will understand or relate, is like saying they can’t understand the New Testament patterns Christ gave concerning the local church. Many warnings were given to local churches from one not even a member (cf. Gal.1:8-10, 2:8, 3:1; Col. 2:8). And local churches influence in teaching abroad is seen in such passages as I Th. 1:7-8; Acts 15:2-3.

Concern for the Songs We Sing

  We sing particular songs because we are concerned about doing all things scripturally – for edification, teaching and admonition. Read this to understand why there was no use of instruments of music in the worship of the churches in the first century churches of Christ.

Jesus Came to Fulfill the Law (Matt. 5:17-18)

   People are quick to quote these passages to justify using a combination of the Mosaic Covenant along with the New Covenant. This is used for any number of things, but especially for items of worship that they particularly like that cannot be justified by the New Testament teaching concerning the church of Christ. The attraction of special clothing (cf. Ex. 28) for ministers and priests, along with the use of instruments, candles, incense, etc. would be examples. For the most part should any one of them be asked, Why not offer the animal sacrifices and various offerings and activities made by the Jews at the Temple? — they’d say that’s not necessary today. Why? Since we are not given these in the New Testament for worship are we free to choose one or all if we want to?  



You mentioned “going to Hell,” with accent.

  After a bible study, which was on Forgiveness, a visitor asked me, “What do you believe about Hell?” I told him it believed Hell is real and eternal. Have you heard the saying “God said it, that settles it, I believe it”?  And that settles it IF I don’t believe it! — But I do and the visitor didn’t. He referred to Hell in his letter as “the fabled Hell.” Read this article for points that answer those who choose not to believe in Hell, although the Lord gave much teaching on eternal punishment.

“Thank you for the strong words.”

 The title is also a quotation from a visitor. She said, “I want you to know it is good to hear strong words used. Back home we don’t get that.” The thing that bothers too many brethren today, and it sadly lacking because of that, is proper application to the brotherhood, the local church, other local churches, and individual lives. She made some good “application” herself – a wonderfully strong statement concerning a member who isn’t coming. In no way did she indicate that it was otherwise and that she just could not attend at all. She said they had a member who says she’s sick, but sets at home and watches that “dribble” from the fake T.V. evangelists on healing, and then when we admonish her we’re not loving enough and too hard.” Sound familiar?

Various Errors Concerning Salvation

  Often times the problem is not one’s sincerity but “what” one has been taught. Today much emphasis is put on “belief” (just as long as one is sincere) rather than the necessity of the Truth being believed. Moreover, too many push “sincerity” is good enough regardless of what is believed. They say believing (whatever) is the important thing. This is wrong. Why not read these articles with this in mind? Then ask, What does the New Testament really teaching concerning initial salvation?

There Is No Such Thing as Sprinkling or Pouring for Baptism

   Many members of Christ’s church have come out from human denominations in order to be such. For some, they came to understand that modes of baptism other than that taught in the New Testament are additions to God’s word and do not save. In denominations offering options for baptism “church manuals” override immersion by stating baptism may be administered to believers by sprinkling, pouring or immersion. Many falsely view baptism as a “sacrament” and not what it is, i.e. an initial step of obedience necessary for the forgiveness of sins. This explains why some wait until they have a group they can so baptize. Why not read this article to understand neither of these are authorized as an option for baptism? 


Human Creeds and Unity in Diversity

   Most Protestants are not aware of just how old the convenience of the “Unity in Diversity” doctrine is among known scholars. Here is an example from Philip Scaff’s work “History Of The Christian Church” Vol. 7. “Protestantism And Denominationalism” (1910). Human creeds are the root of unity in diversity. Schaff’s presentation is pro division while denying that it is possible to do the very thing that Christ requires of us in His New Testament – contending earnestly for the faith (cf. Jude 7; Phil. 1:27).

So Called “Sex Change” & “Transgender”

   Read this article and understand that so called “sex change” is actually genital mutilation. One who has undergone such tells what it actually is. Also notice here how those who have allowed the physicians, therapists and psychologists to talk them into such mock them, as well as the social hype that is promoting this today. Consider carefully the point here that some would saturate children with this nonsense – even beginning in grade school – telling them they’ll decided later what gender they want to choose.   


There’s So Much More to Tell One Another about Anxiety


   Being Christians there’s just so much more truthful things we can tell one another about anxiety. These things are matter of respecting the Lord’s authority – they are given to us in the Scriptures. Read about these and apply Luke 6:46  And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

Patterns of Apostasy Repeat Themselves

   The following brief outline is used in our congregation for a “special class” when needed. The outline of itself presents a quick view of patterns repeating themselves through the years of even our own lives. It presents both “individual” and “church” supported societies that have been built by brethren.

You Were Pagans Carried Away Unto Dumb Idols (I Cor. 12:2)

  Many are simply not aware of the various “other” designations for the Gentiles – such as “pagans,” “heathens,” “infidels” and “unbelievers.” This is especially true when some of these refer to idolaters. The world is divided into two divisions: Christians and the whole world that lies in the power of the evil one, Satan (I Jo. 5:19). Notice the emphasis given to one either being “in Christ” or “without” i.e. “outside” of Christ (Col. 4:5).

Why I Am Not A Nazarene

  This article written by B.J. Bronger explains, as one who at one time was in the Nazarene church, the injustices done to the Lord’s plan of salvation by the Church of the Nazarene. We invite you to read this carefully for many find themselves in either his or similar circumstances found in denominationalism.

A Read the Bible Story worth Telling

   The importance of reading the Bible is stressed along with appropriate applications concerning the blessings of reading it, hearing it and keeping it. Maturity only comes one way – in time with study and application (Heb. 5:12-14). There is this warning: If you could not understand the Bible you would not know the difference between human tradition, man’s so called spiritual wisdom, and God’s Word (Col. 2:8). With that in mind the article presents a conversation with a man who said that he is reading the Bible for himself for the first time in his life. Moreover, he’s seeing the differences between what man is willing to teach for the sake of human tradition, power, prestige, etc. and how the Bible really reads.

Memory #1

    Hopefully this will be the first of three articles. Memory is brought to light with such words as “remember,” “remind,” “forget” and “neglect.” The antonym means to forget, and at times intentionally thus implying culpability. Those who want to remember the applicable lessons from God’s Word are the ones who are “doers of the word” (Ja.1:22). The one who deceives himself hears God’s word as it gives him the right view of himself but “immediately” – at once, very soon upon departing from the word he forgets what he really is – his mind turns immediately to what pleases him when he leaves the word. The proper use of memory is presented in the light of using it to repent, and using the past where brethren sought to corrupt or even destroy the congregation.

Memory #2

   You may desire to read “Memory #1” for April 2016 before this continuing article concerning some simple applications pertaining to one’s memory. Emphasis in this article is given to the importance of our remembering our own past conduct. Paul did not exclude himself when speaking of past conduct before his conversion – stating plainly that he was a blasphemer, persecutor and violent aggressor against the church. There is also the importance of our not forgetting even one of God’s benefits given to us in Christ.

Memory #3 of 3

  This is the third portion of a brief series on “Memory” (April, May and June 2016). This article’s emphasis is on not using memory to prevent spiritual danger and destruction, letting greed overpower remembering God’s presence in times past, using memory to correct one’s life and the necessity of being reminded to be ready for every good work.

The Transgender Attack

  This contains two newspaper articles: 1. Surely Not Shameless ~ The Transgender Directive (May 2016); 2. Surely Not Living a Lie ~ The Transgender Directive (June 2016). These present both the spiritual and physical dangers tied to the recent “I think I identify with transgender” decree from President Obama. This is moving quickly in our society and especially so when the media’s bias is presenting the kind of things that promote LGBT.

The Transgender Attack #2

  This contains the third newspaper article “Surely Not Adding to Confusion ~ the Transgender Directive” for July of 2016. While stating that the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world, and man’s wisdom is not God’s as revealed in His word --- there is a review of Dr. McHugh’s commentary (Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist) for the Wall Street Journal that not only states that the so called “sex change” is biologically impossible, but even puts the hammer to part of the foolishness found in the world’s wisdom concerning “transgender.” His warnings include: “everything is normal” sex education; schools’ “diversity counselors” with the wrong advice; against misguided doctors.

The Best Demon Hitter in New Zealand

  This reviews a report from a nurse in Auckland, New Zealand who attended a so called “demon cleansing” ceremony – the article relates the experiences some claimed to have had from a so called prophet of God. It shows how gullible people are in the name of something said to be religious. Also read it and learn something about those who falsely call themselves “prophets” of God today.

Ignorance, Ignoring and Intent

  This article deals with the fallacies of people who reason if I don’t know then I won’t be accountable – these forget Sin; people who reason that you don’t know my “intent” – I’m sincere in what I do – these often also forget Sin; people are led to believe if you can’t prove my “intent” then you must accept my actions. People will lie to cover intent (Eph. 4:14). Error that stems from ignorance never leads another or others in the right way! To “ignore” does not imply sincerity but the opposite – this is a large part of what contributes to “ignorance” in our churches and among brethren individually.

Sexism ~ Chauvinism (Part One)

      “Sexism” is much talked about today. I took a look at what some have to say on this and feminism in our society — while some were saying “be fair” as regards applications to both male and female, the majority eventuated to an outright attack on God’s “order” for men, women, marriage, the family, and the church of Christ.

Sexism ~ Forced Heterosexuality ~ Patriarchal Society (Part Two)

    What is so called “Forced Heterosexuality”? Read the article and see the charges brought by radical feminists (bear in not all feminists agree with them) against a society, they say, that enforces heterosexuality and brands as deviant any noncompliance. It’s all you mens’ fault!

Selected Newspaper Articles from 2016

  These four newspaper articles include: (1) Surely Such Beautiful People (In this article “Beautiful people are just everywhere here!” People, and especially our youth, do not understand the vanity that is evil and destructive). (2) Surely Correct Thinking ~ Although It Does Not Begin With the Fear of the Lord (In this article “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Pr. 1:9) – “beginning” meaning the first step in acquiring and then applying God’s revealed word. This is not your own “I think” or “I believe.” Four important applications display what men are willing to do when they lack the fear of the Lord. (3) Surely Not Their Kind of Preacher ~ Hired to Protect the Ungodly (Based upon I Tim. 3:16-17 it is the members themselves who are responsible for maintaining such preachers; these men pleasers are standing in line to take the place of those who preach the truth and are dismissed or cast out for doing so. (4) Surely Displays Great Love for Jesus ~ Cancelling Church for Sunday Dec. 25 (Lk. 2:11 says “For you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” That’s right, all we have is “this day” --- thus the obvious flaw in saying that anyone today knows the exact day Jesus was born. Since no one knows then how can “cancelling” church figure in at all? Put this with the command not to forsake assembling and you see that love of the Traditions of men, not God’s Word, is all important and mighty self-serving.


Educational Institutions Among The Brethren by Robert F. Turner (Preceptor 1962)

Preface: The below is the first of six articles written in 1962 by brother Robert Turner as duplicated by brother Dan Gatlin. A link will be provided should you desire to read them in full, and I believe it will benefit you to do so. However, I’m compelled to warn that the below approach captioned with the catch phrase “hasten leisurely” was not and is not today the way to deal with apostasy. The phrase as you’ll see was taken from the president of Franklin College who urged brethren in 1850 to “hasten leisurely” in their conclusions touching the subject of the Bible in Colleges, Professorships in Sacred History and Theological Schools. Brother Turner adopts and repeats it as that which best expresses his own personal feelings on this matter in 1962 — some 112 years later. We must never convince ourselves as Christians only that to deal with error immediately and demand repentance will do more harm than good — those involved in error must repent and stop the practice thereof (Cf. Acts 15:1-2; Gal. 2:14). Although you find no scriptures in the several pages of these articles — “church history” has been and easily may be accompanied by New Testament Scriptures to expose the false practices, motives and patterns produced by the human wisdom that seeks to establish human organizations to do the work Christ gave the churches of Christ to do.

Bob Lovelace


A Review of “Church Validation of The Lord’s Supper” by Robert Turner (Torch Mag. 1984)

Brother Turner’s article was printed in Torch Magazine in 1984. He presents the roots of the assembly of the local church as being essential to the Lord’s Supper as those of Catholicism. This is wrong! When finds the Lord’s Supper in the New Testament what “kind” of assembly does he find it in? He tells you himself as you read his article. It is really hard to write about the Supper and not get the assembly of the local church for that purpose in there.

Don’t Call it Easter just “Resurrection Sunday” and Keep the Human Tradition

  This article contains a complaint spoken by one who read a newspaper article wherein Lent’s law of fasting is exposed as human tradition, and not the teaching of the New Testament. The article is appears along with her complaint. Most who observe Easter services know nothing about the apostasies in the 2nd Century and what happened from the Period 100 A.D. to 325 A.D. A short view of apostasies from Phillip Schaff’s History of the Christian Church is presented with specific mention of the observance of the called Christian Sabbath, Pentecost, Passover, Easter, Epiphany and Christmas.

Food Laws ~ God’s or Man’s Additions?

  Should you think a brief article on this is not necessary today, then you certainly do not understand how lightly so called religious people take additions to God’s Word. Consider Col. 2:14-17 and I Tim. 4:1-5 in light of “food laws” in Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon and Judaism.

At This Point In My Life….

   Warnings concerning brethren not desiring sound doctrine, was well as commands to speak the things concerning sound doctrine are easily found throughout the epistles (2 Tim. 4:3; Titus 1:9, 2:1 etc). Looking back institutional error can be much more serious than one might think when participating. God requires an account of what is past. We need to gather up those passages on remembrance, reminding, and how putting in remembrance is a safe thing for all.

Too Strong ~ State the Gospel in More General Terms

  Here is a request made to me concerning writing the truths of the gospel. You will find the motives behind such requests seeking to dismiss “specifics” by requesting more general terms be used. This is simply one art of political correctness. However, preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ should not be construed as simply one’s political view of anything! The preaching of the gospel is neither Republican, nor Democrat or Independent along that line of thinking.

Update on Dirty Dancing

  The continued progression in ungodliness in dance among young people should be evident. This contains various short quotes from different sources for descriptive purposes.

Unwise Unsuspiciousness (Jer. 40:14)

  This is based upon Gedaliah’s mistake as recorded by Jeremiah. We see stupidity in the pattern presented by refusing to credit information given by “all”; being indignant towards the informant and accusing him of lying. “You liar!” You will often hear that when the evidence points to something one doesn’t want to believe. He should have listened.


An Example of going beyond Local Church Organization – The Seventh-day Adventists


  Here is a comparison of Christ’s church as set forth in the New Testament and the Seventh-day Adventists. As you read this you will see important points on “how” false religions get started. There is a vast difference in stating that we must go back to the New Testament patterns for the organization and worship of Christ's church He built -- and the establishment of a denomination upon false visions and leaders falsely claiming the gift of prophecy (I Cor. 13:8). New Testament authority for what is practiced is sorely lacking today!


False Doctrines on the State of Man After Death Corrected by the Scriptures

  Some religions believe that one ceases to exist after death and before the Day of Judgment. The Seventh-day Adventists’ belief is stated here to illustrate. Then compare Scriptural After-Death Scenarios such as the Transfiguration of Jesus and those present; an after death conversation with Abraham who is with Lazarus. This study relates to scriptures showing that death cannot separate the faithful from the love of Christ and that one does “not” cease to exist after death and before the Judgment Day.


How a Lesson on Humility Became a “Church Ordinance”


   Jesus did wash His disciples’ feet and the lesson explained in that context is that they must serve one another. However Ellen G. White, a supposed prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist church, takes it upon herself to teach that the Lord’s Supper is to be preceded by a “foot washing” as a church ordinance. This lesson should help one to understand the difference between individual obligations and the “collective” works God gave for the local church as a functioning body or organization.


Selected Newspaper Articles from 2017

  These four newspaper articles include: (1) Surely All the Men’s Fault ~ So Called “Forced Heterosexuality”; (2) Surely Empowerment and Courage ~ Abortion; (3) Surely the Ends of the World ~ But Don’t Quit Your Job!; (4) Surely Not the Time for Two Drinking Parties ~ Christmas & New Years.